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Case Studies

Predator-nutrition logo



“This unique partnership with ShopSocially has meant that 1000′s of our loyal customers have benefited from the strategic loyalty program which has helped us to increase engagement levels & repeat sales.The alignment is proving to be most valuable in terms of recognizing and caring for the needs of our devoted shoppers”
– Phil Slater, Head of Marketing, for Predator Nutrition
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Avenue logo



“Avenue being a specialty retailer for plus-sized fashion, our customers love us for the specialty fit we offer in every piece of clothing we sell. ShopSocially is enabling us to convert this customer affection into valuable social referrals and attract high quality referral traffic to our website.”
– Kristen St. Peter, Director, Ecommerce for Avenue
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Incipio logo



“Innovation in design and technology is the key for Incipio’s success. Our expertly engineered and stylish products continuously make our customers happy. ShopSocially is helping us create valuable social endorsements from our happy customers and boost our sales conversion rate.”

– Nicole Grodesky , Ecommerce Analyst, Incipio®
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Evan-Moor logo_ShopSocially case studies



“ShopSocially with their new age loyalty program has proved to be a valuable partner in our growth. They enabled us to significantly increase the average order value and repeat purchases per user for our customers.”
– Trisha Thomas, Chief Marketing Officer at
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Hobbytron logo



“We’re delighted to offer something back to our loyal members. With ShopSocially’s loyalty program our customers are grateful as well, as they are spending three times more with us.”
– Cody Sparks, Online Marketing Director at HobbyTron
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“ShopSocially is helping us convert customer delight into powerful brand recommendations adding measurable, high-quality referral traffic to our website. It was really easy to set up and we are delighted with the results.”
– Diana Adair, Director of Communications, Zazzle
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“We are very pleased with the impressive sales conversion rate of 29.59% has got from embedding ShopSocially’s Social Connect and Get-a-Fan apps. Our strategy was to first get our website visitors become a fan by offering them an extra 5% off their purchase in return for liking our Facebook page and follow through to convert them into customers.”

– Barbaros Ozdogan, CEO,
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The Color Run logo_ShopSocially




“The more location specific we make our Refer-a-Friend partnership with ShopSocially, the more people react and interact with our events. Both The Color Run and ShopSocially are committed to customer satisfaction and happiness and creating positive reactions and interactions with our products and services.”

– Gerardo Castillo, Digital Advertising Marketing Manager, The Color Run
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“We are fortunate that our company has been honored with a number of awards over the years and the proof of our collaboration with ShopSocially speaks for itself. This extraordinary sales conversion rate is a winner thanks to Social Connect and Get-a-Fan apps that are helping us to increase Facebook fans, gain higher engagement and ultimately, maximize sales conversions.”

– Linda Remeschatis, President,
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Vintage Marquee Lights




“Passion for creative designs is the key for success of Vintage Marquee Lights. Our customers are sharing this passion of ours far and wide on social media and getting us quality friend traffic. ShopSocially is turning our customers into social brand ambassadors.”

– Jerrad Green, Owner at Vintage Marquee Lights
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“Our customers look to us for the most advanced design and dynamic range of products in the same way as we look to ShopSocially to help us create more users that become raving fans and brand ambassadors. My team is very pleased that we are making headlines after tracking a 60% active customer conversion rate with the Loyalty Program.”
– Todd Greene, Founder at HeadBlade

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Fire Tech Camp_logo




The roll out of ShopSocially’s applications has helped us to achieve excellent results this year. As a recognized leader in the provision of high-quality technology holiday camps, weekend courses and workshops across the United Kingdom, these enhanced online social engagement tools are precisely what we look for.
– David Long, Director of Technology at Fire Tech Camp

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TireBuyer logo_ShopSocially case studies




“By embedding ShopSocially’s referral program, we not only generated handsome referral traffic to our site but also converted this traffic into customers. It has been a pleasure to work with ShopSocially and design a referral marketing program that is delivering tangible results.”

– Devon Butler – Senior Manager,
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Designer-Intimates logo_ShopSocially case studies




“We are building Designer Intimates as the exclusive destination that offers the best deals on designer lingerie. ShopSocially’s solutions have helped us engage our site visitors and brought us remarkable results within a short span of time.”

– Team at Designer Intimates
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Evan-Moor logo_ShopSocially case studies




“Integrating ShopSocially’s Get-an-Email app has proven to be a successful, cost-effective campaign. The easy-to-integrate app has helped us achieve our goal of growing our email list. Evan-Moor’s email program continues to be an effective online marketing channel.”

– Trisha Thomas, CMO,  Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
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The Honest Kitchen logo_ShopSocially




“ShopSocially has helped us to spread the word about our unique and healthy product through customers who already know and love us, to a wider group of pet owners.”

– Kate Fenner, Digital and Ecommerce Manager at The Honest Kitchen
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Chaser logo_ShopSocially




“We are impressed and highly satisfied with the results ShopSocially’s marketing platform has helped Chaser achieve.”

– PhilipWilliams,DirectorofCommunications at Chaser
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EzyDog Australia logo




“The app has helped us to empower more dog owners with our high quality products and enable them to enjoy the great outdoors with their pets.”

– Luke Htacher,CEO at EzyDog
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Denby USA




“ShopSocially’s referral app allowed us to translate the high customer satisfaction into influential recommendations and create a significant traffic flow to our website. We are pleased by the positive results we received in a short span of time.”

– Christine Jacobsen, E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator, Denby USA
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“Our main objective was to reduce cart abandonment and encourage customers to complete their purchase orders. By offering an attractive incentive just before they were about to abandon the cart page helped us achieve an impressive sales conversion rate of 59.23%”

– Atsushi Miyamoto, Owner,
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Safe & Vault Store logo




ShopSocially has been an extremely critical component of our overall marketing and promotional efforts ever since we started using their business solutions. The results delivered by their different apps speak volumes about the company’s commitment towards delivering world class marketing solutions in today’s rapidly changing business scenario.”

– Desiree Bryant, the Director of Marketing, Sales, & Ecommerce at Safe & Vault Store
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Plum District

“Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank.”
– Jennifer Nuckles – CMO, Plum District
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Monogramonline-logo_ShopSocially case study

ShopSocially’s apps have helped us achieve unbelievable results when it came to reaching out to new clients. Additionally, we managed to hit two birds with one stone as the apps also strengthened our bonds with our existing clients, allowing us to rely on their loyalty to our brand and ensure more business from them in the future.”
– Yianni Chamilothoris, Director of Marketing , MonogramOnline
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“We are excited about our partnership with ShopSocially. They have a great solution with a perfect blend of social and commerce.”
– Bridget Dolan, Vice President, Sephora logo
“ShopSocially’s referral marketing solution is helping us leverage the passion of our customers to increase our brand’s reach and bring in more customers.”
– Atsushi Miyamoto, Owner,
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FootCareDepot logo
“The customer conversion rate we have seen so far is a testament to the value we have gained from ShopSocially’s offering. We are very happy with ShopSocially’s social commerce platform.”
– Justin Dees, Founder,
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TM-Essentials-Logo_ShopSocially case studies

“We want our customers to get the best from their Thermomix with our range of kitchen accessories. To this end, we are always seeking for and trying out new stock. With ShopSocially’s Get-an-Email app we not only get to expand our customer base, we get to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest range of accessories.”
– Debbie Wuoti, Director, TM Essentials

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” To see such a high conversion rate on shared purchases demonstrates how powerful word-of-mouth can be when it comes to travel.”
– Sean Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at
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“ShopSocially is enabling us to expand our email marketing database at a rapid pace by converting website visitors into valuable email subscribers.”
– Karin Delaney, Owner at Birthday Keepsakes LLC.
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Educational Insights logo_ShopSocially

“ShopSocially’s social login app is helping us make our online experience a little more turn-key and enjoyable for our customers. It’s exciting to see such amazing results from the app.”
– Thao Truong, eCommerce Manager at Educational Insights
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“ShopSocially’s A/B testing framework has helped us gain deep customer insights to frame the most effective social media strategies and maximize social ROI.”
– Avrum Elmakis, CEO-Founder,
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Troo Health Care logo

“ShopSocially is helping us leverage the customer trust to drive viral spread of our brand and increase social sales.”

- John North, Director at Troo Health Care Ltd.

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“ShopSocially is helping us leverage the passion of our customers to generate social referrals and increase business.”

- Dino Cummings, Co-Founder at Curlkit LLC

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Ticket Printing

“ShopSocially’s social login is seamlessly extending the social browsing behavior of user to our e-commerce site, leading to a meaningful increase in sales conversion rate for us”
– Lance Trebesch, CEO,
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“ShopSocially is getting us high quality social referral traffic. Their built-in A/B testing feature helped us evaluate the exact business impact of our social commerce strategy.”
– Mark Sarpa, CEO, Frecklebox
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Greek Gear

“ShopSocially is helping us leverage the passion of our customers for their fraternity and sorority merchandise and turn it into real revenue uplift. “
– Robb Hass, COO,
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” ShopSocially is helping us rapidly acquire email subscribers on our website and strengthen our email marketing efforts.
– Henry Tanuwidjaja, Online Commerce Director at Daniel’s Jewelers
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” ShopSocially campaigns are empowering word-of-mouth promotion for our brand through social media, boosting our sales conversion rate.  We are happy to see our brand go viral and get more sales.
– Ricardo Blancarte, Digital Marketing Manager at
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“ShopSocially is helping us connect with our customers through Facebook and serve them better. Social Connect app is generating numerous social endorsements for us on Facebook and converting happy customers into brand ambassadors.
– Erin Siefring, Social Media Coordinator at
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“ShopSocially’s Social Connect app has helped us gain a better understanding of our customers’ preferences and is giving us an amazing uplift in the sales conversion rate.”
–  Pedro Ventura,Business Development Manager at
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“To continue to be successful, it’s important to have a continuous connection with our customers through channels like email updates. By adding quality customers as email subscribers, ShopSocially is helping us achieve great results with our email marketing program.” 
– Lara Jarrette, Web Content & Marketing Manager at Cascio Interstate Music
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Gaffos logo



“At, we always keep customers updated with our latest range of stylish products and attractive offers. Our email marketing program plays an important part in driving sales. ShopSocially is helping us to rapidly add quality email subscribers and drive high results for our email marketing program. We are happy to see a high sales conversion rate for these email subscribers.”
– Jonathan Muller, CEO for Gaffos

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Life is Crap logo

“We are known for our sense of humor but the sales conversion rate through ShopSocially’s Get-an-Email app is something that we are taking very seriously.”
– Susie Lefkovits ,COO at Life Is Crap

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“Increasing Facebook fanbase is meaningful only if the fans acquired are real. High sales conversion rate of 33.28% is a testimony of quality of fans ShopSocially has helped us acquire.”
– Karen Correy, Marketing Manager at
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Carol's Daughter

“ShopSocially helped us unravel the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. We got new customers and incremental revenue.”
– Jessica Klein – Director of E-Commerce, Carol’s Daughter
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“After reviewing over a dozen Social Media solution companies, chose ShopSocially hands down over all the others. Our goal was to increase conversions and drive additional traffic to the site at the same time. Their tool set is rich, the ROI is instant and the implementation could not have been easier.”
– Peter Tahmin, COO MailPix
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“ShopSocially has proved that social commerce can generate real, impactful ROI. They delivered immediate results.”
– Ron Berrett – CEO, Linen Tablecloth
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“With invino being in niche business, it is important for us to drive quality traffic to our site on a regular basis through the right marketing channels. ShopSocially’s result-driven referral marketing channel helped invino drive valuable word-of-mouth promotions and resulted in a marked increase in traffic and revenue.”
– Tony Westfall, CEO, invino
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“We are delighted with the incredible success from ShopSocially integration. We are now looking forward to adding additional apps on our site.”
– Jennifer Kasper – Marketing Manager, MrWatch
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“We are seeing a strong growth in our fan base, user engagement, and sales conversion by utilizing ShopSocially‘s platform.”
– Roger Lee – Founder, Mezzmer Eyewear
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Totally Promotional

“We are impressed by ShopSocially’s innovative social commerce solutions.”
– Erin Siefring – Social Media Coordinator, Totally Promotional
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“ShopSocially helps harness the power of social recommendation. It brings new customers and traffic by enabling existing shoppers to easily recommend products to their friends. A simple but powerful and effective concept.”
– Peter Taylor, Director of eCommerce, Sport Chalet

Green Beans Coffee

“With ShopSocially, 42% of buyers are sharing their purchases with friends, sales are up 7.5% and Facebook FAN page engagement is up by 38%.”
– Clayton Lingo, VP – Marketing, Green Beans Coffee
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“We are very happy with the increased ROI and high sales conversion rate, especially for the Get-a-Fan app. We are looking forward to a long and rewarding association with ShopSocially.”
– Oystein Bratten – Owner, nfoto
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“The ShopSocially Integration was a breeze. They have been a great partner for us – very responsive and it has been a pleasure to work with them.”
– Haze Kwok, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Everyday Source

Skin Care by Alana

“ShopSocially has helped increase revenues by 48%, conversion rates from Facebook are up by 44%, visits from Facebook are up 131% and sales conversions from Facebook are up 3X.”
– Jared Mitchell, Owner, Skin Care by Alana
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“10% of buyers are recommending their purchases to friends. ShopSocially conversion rate is 2X of the normal conversion rate. Implementation was seamless and took less than 1 hour.”
– Jon Azrielant, Marketing Manager,
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Canvas on Demand

Viral flash deal was created, tested and activated in 15 minutes. Deal was unlocked on Facebook “Like” by the customer. This created 1.09 million additional social impressions and a 2X increase in overall sales.

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Fast Sunglasses

“The ShopSocially platform is a retailer’s social dream come true. I enabled pre-purchase & post-purchase social experiences within 5 minutes. Our shoppers are now spreading the word about our deals & products, and becoming Facebook fans. Conversion is up 3.3x. Social traffic is driving 12% incremental sales.”
– Greg Sarkin, President,
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